Vendor List has been recently updated to include some new vendors.

All of our readers and healers have gone through a significant screening process with independent people establishing that they are professional, ethical, sincere, and skilled. Find insight, transformation, guidance, advice, counseling, and more with our many mediums and intuitive readers. Enjoy a deep-tissue massage or light-touch energy work from caring and skilled practitioners. If a vendor is not listed as a healer or reader in the book they where not tested for their services at our fair .They should not be using any endorsements from the IMF as It was not given . 

This list is not complete there will be more vendors at fair if you are a vendor please send a bio exactly how you want it and send to the president it will be added.


All Existing Readers / Healers

That add a New Service /Modality or if you have not worked the fair for 2 years

  need to be tested by 3 people set up by the IMF board

for more go to

IMF Testing Guidelines



Iowa Metaphysical Fair

Information booth

Iowa Metaphysical Fair T-shirts and Program Information



The Garden of Fire and Water

Kirby and Kayde Heidt


Insight by Candle Light with Kayde Heidt

Enjoy a unquiet and age old way to receive your messages .I have been doing readings for many years using a candle and a piece of paper .My message are insightful, meaningful as well as helpful.  My compassion for each individual is real . I only want to help you to grow and remove some doubts , fears, or confusion  that sometime are shown to me . Healing forgiveness understanding and love all play a part in your personal growth that you some times have blocked or just don't have clarity  needing  someone else's vison  to help to unblock it understand it or just let it go . I never know what I may be shown but I will deliver it to you with  honesty, compassion, and pure intent .


Balanced Detox by Kirby

Come sit a spell relax and enjoy the benefits of an Ionic Foot Bath .Remove years of a polluted and Stressful  environment taking its tole on your body's well being.

Look and feel younger improve many problems associated with the build up. Give yourself a 30 min break and recharge  your batteries.


Call 515-707-0573  for private appointments or set up a Fire and Water party for your friends and family .

Major Credit Cards excepted


Insights by Candlelight

Candle Readings





Clairvoyant, Channeler, Tarot Reader, Pranic Healer

Charles is a Member of The International Association of Medical Intuitives



Charles clairvoyant insight and use of symbolism from his Guides and Tarot cards enables him to see the 

spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of his client’s lives.

Through the help of his Guides he has amazed people with the information that comes from the past, present, and future.

 Charles channels 7 Guides, "The Guys", as he calls them, they give him info through Conscious and Trance Channeling. 

He began doing readings professionally at a very young age, becoming well known throughout the 

Midwest and Nationally by the age of 15.

Clients have been astounded at the contact he has made with people that have crossed over to the spirit realm 

and found great comfort in making contact with those loved ones that have departed. 

Charles has done ghost and psychic investigations. He has helped find missing children 

and has worked for the police in numerous cases.

Charles has studied Kabbalah, Tarot, Pranic Healing, 

and has taught classes on these and other topics. Charles has trained in

 New Orleans on  Herbalism. He has trained others Psychics and Spiritual Healers.  

As an Ordained Minster, Charles ran a Church in St. Louis for 2 years. 

He holds Degrees in Religious Humanities, Metaphysics, and Philosophy.

Charles has worked throughout the US, Canada and Europe. 

He has written Newspaper columns as well as been on TV and Radio shows

Your reading with Charles will reveal Insights to all aspects of your life as well as be a loving, caring, experience 

that you won't forget. His clients have found his ability as a Counselor to be of great comfort in their times of need.   


Light Communications

Healing Arts Center 



Pranic Healing & Sound Healing Therapist


Sound and Vibrational Healing is an ancient and universal form of healing used in many cultures and spiritual traditions around the world. Sound and Vibrational Healing touches and transforms us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. We use sound therapy's combined with Pranic Healing .

The Therapy's we will be offering at the Fair 

  Crystal Singing Bowls Therapy, Crystal Singing Pyramid Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy,

Quartz Tuning Forks Sound balancing Therapy,

Quartz Crystal Singing Merkaba Therapy


Copper Chakra Color Therapy Light



Chakra Light Therapy sessions use specific frequencies of light, each attuned to one of the seven primary chakras or energy centers in the body, to replenish energy and balance and attune them. In addition to precisely tuned wavelengths of light, our chakra light system incorporates crystals into each light housing, focusing the Crystal Energy into the chakras.

Colored light has been shown to have a variety of positive effects on mood and health. The lower frequencies of light penetrate the body, while the higher frequencies stimulate the skin and aura. Color therapy is an ancient system of healing. Our system allows for its precise application using technology that pinpoints wavelengths of light to specifically treat the chakra system.

The copper metaphysical properties connect with all of your chakras to channel the highest vibrations of Light Therapy into your system

Our chakra light therapy session is offered as a stand-alone treatment but can be combined with our other services you may add crystal Tuning Forks/Bowls to your session for additional therapeutic benefits.


Led Photon Light Therapy


A form of treatment that has been independently studied for more than 40 years worldwide.

 Visible and infrared light have been shown to affect positive therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms on a cellular level.


Lipo Laser Body Slimming




It adopts latest innovation in non-surgical, non-invasive laser lipolysis. Lipo laser emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol and water molecules, the same natural response initiated by the body anytime it needs to use its stored energy reserves. These free fatty acids are then transported throughout the body by the lymphatic system to supply the body with energy, again just as if the body would respond in times of caloric scarcity. A period of exercise post treatment ensures the complete metabolism of these freed fatty acids, shrinking the fat cells and delivering the body shaping results your patients are looking for. This is a non-destructive, targeted fat reduction technology, which means excess fat deposits can be treated anywhere on the body and the fat cells are not destroyed as a result of treatment. It targeted fat reduction and circumferential reduction has many advantages over other body shaping technologies


Jan Currie

Jan  is a Pranic Master and a Reiki Master she is also trained in Crystal Healing

 She has been working  with healing energy for over 10 years  

She has apprentice  with Charles Tiemann for 7 years   

FDA Disclaimer The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

 The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


Dream Weaver Designs

Pat Jones

Patricia has been studying metaphysics, aromatherapy and holistic healing for the past 26 years. Patricia is a Reiki Master, Dresiana 8th level, Huna 6th level and 4th level Neriya. Patricia has many other attunements and energies with Spiritual Unfoldment Network and many other healing modalities. Patricia is still working with Young Living Essential Oils and doing Reflexology and Raindrop therapy for stress relief, along with ear candling. Patricia will be doing readings with Gong Hee Fot Choy (with the book and her intuitiveness), and Angel card readings. Patricia recently added Network Marketing with Healing America, selling Nectavida (The Nectar of Life).




Epic Eateries


A Father Daughter locally owned business.

We create unique flavorful spice blends from COOL to HOT HOT. Because they are not just a Dip our spices versatility will find a way to be come a staple in your kitchen. Use them for rubs, dips, marinate meats and veggies, stir fry, dressings, and just an easy way to enhance your recipes taking them to a new level. Just use your imagination. Stop by our booth a try a sample.

Never Be Afraid To





DeEtte Ranae


DeEtte Ranae is a psychic medium, medical intuitive and teacher of psychic and mediumship development.

DeEtte was born knowing spirit.  She spent her childhood listening to spirit and simply knowing things.

In 2005, DeEtte began studying energy and became a reiki master/teacher. She found a love of helping those with illness live a more enjoyable life and for others, a return to health. She has spent the past 10 years developing her own style – broadening from physical healing to body, mind, and spirit.

In 2013, She moved to the North Woods of Wisconsin and began a spiritual journey of healing and growth. She transformed her life through her studies of psychic and mediumship.  She found a love of working with spirit and became certified in advanced psychic and advanced mediumship through LWISSD and then a Master Teacher for LWISSD.

DeEtte Ranae travels the country doing readings for gallery and events.

+1 (800) 910-7317


Teresa and Tom are international Spiritual Educators and Consultants trained and certified by the Wayshowers College.  They have a combined experience of over 60 years of searching and work in spirituality. Tom has been interviewed on radio, television and newspaper in the USA and Australia.  

Through presentations and programs, they pass along truths, tools, and techniques for practical psychic awareness and tuning into personal spiritual guides for positive living. They can help you be your own best psychic, healer, and guru for solutions and self awareness.  

As they say, "We all have a unique journey which requires our own unique answers.  No one has traveled quite the same path as you.  We would love to share with you how to tap into the wealth of wisdom and Inner Guidance inside all of us."




Andrea Gronau

(515) 708-0072


Crystal & Feather Curios is an international marketplace. You’ll find unique treasures and gifts.

These rare findings will give you, your family or your friends joy and wonder.

We scour the globe for uncommon handmade items.

We make them easily available to you.

Our inventory is constantly evolving and changing because the world is a big place!

Readings by Crystal & Feather

I will connect with your guides and spirit for your highest good and growth.

I offer services such as Life Path Guidance, Past Life Readings, Connecting with Spirit.





Susan Walter 



Receiving your Guardian Angel Portrait is only the beginning.

Your angel will lead you down a path of self discovery,

one which reveals qualities and strengths you didn't know you had and

 transforms your lifeassisting you in realizing

your goals and dreams for the future.

 Each drawing holds its own inspirational and healing

energy carrying a very high vibration. 



White Eagle Pow Wow

 to promote harmony among all races.
we will be returning to Jester park this year.



The Joyful Journey - Shamanic Healing


563 505-4681


Trinkets for You

Lisa Glaser


Web Http://  Email

Trinkets' designs are meant to be in harmony with nature.

Stones are combined to bring out the positive energy stored in their hearts.

 Each piece should remind you of a place or time, real or imagined, in nature. 

         We use natural stones, silver, gold plate and metal clasps in our

designs for durability and affordability.



Elements of Rejuvenation

Mark A. Wells and Elaine Rangel

Leon, Iowa


Elements of Rejuvenation is an Iowa-based business which is known throughout the Midwest as an affordable source of high-quality metaphysical goods We offer natural and inspired products from around the world which are also metaphysical tools for awakening & supporting Spirit. “Quality & Affordability” is our motto!! Our merchandise includes: Mineral and crystal specimens, including spheres, standing points, double terminated points, and tumbled stones; Tibetan singing bowls and prayer flags; Authentic Native American art such as Zuni fetishes; Unique gift items including sculpture, rune sets and windchimes; Sage, smudge and sweetgrass; Body care products; and 100% Natural  Homemade Soy Wax candles and tarts which come in 45+ cruelty-free scents. Let us use our years of experience to help you select items that support your goals. We work with wholesalers worldwide to bring you a nice selection, and we only sell things that we would want to own ourselves. Because the fact is, we do own them until they move on to their new homes.  We carry many items beyond what we have listed here, so stop by our big double booth this weekend and check out our website throughout the year.

NAMASTE- Mark & Elaine


Wind Water Harmony 

“using Nature as your guide” ~ beautiful intentional gifts and tools for your spiritual journey including over ninety varieties of spectacular crystals and gemstones, one-of-a-kind pendulums, salt and selenite lamps, rune stones, palo santo and more. All honoring spirituality, feng shui and color personally selected or created by Diana DiCristina for you, for your space ~ for your Soul. Shop our specially designated SALE TABLE of select treasures and take 55% OFF the marked price. Thank you for shopping at Wind Water Harmony!



Frank DiCristina  

Frank DiCristina; sound healer, dowser, energy medicine practitioner will be offering sound healing tune-ups to relax, release and rebalance your mind, body and spirit. The highest quality singing bowls, ting-sha’s from India and Nepal will also be available for purchase so you may be able to do your own mediation and healing work. CD’s, Gongs, dowsing tools and cures will also be available for purchase as well.




Roger & Diana Ringo

Phone: (515) 996-0043 


Meet Diana and Roger Ringo at the Modern Spiritual Living Booth. Have a Past Life reading by Diana. Learn how past lifetimes are affecting you. Also, experience Crystal Soothing Tumbled Stones. Run your fingers through delicate tumbled stones and feel rejuvenated. We offer workshops, spiritual coaching sessions, and products that help you create stress free living. Special emphasis is on discovering your true-life purpose,

angel communication, and trusting your intuition.



Marilyn Elliott, CHTP, RM

Psychic Counseling

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master

Spiritual/Life Counselor


Marilyn has been a leading member of the community for over twenty years. She is a Intuitive/Medium Reader using a Heart and Soul connection. She is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher serving the community with Energy Healing since 1995. She offers Mentoring/Guidance to Individuals or Groups as well as mentoring those with Psychic Gifts. She was contracted with Mercy Medical Center for ten years providing Healing Touch to their Hospice patients and has been a Guest Speaker at many Events, Institutions, Radio, and a Reader at many Psychic Fairs. Her Holistic approach to life, her wisdom and psychic abilities have helped many find clarity and security in a sometimes chaotic World.  




Luminous Ignus

Michele Lundstrom


Michele Lundstrom is an Intuitive reader, Shamanic practitioner, Certified Advanced Chakredy® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Empath coach, and Energy artist.   Michele provides intuitive readings through your subtle energy (the chakras) to help identify and prioritize what your energy wants to bring to your awareness as well as energetic imbalances and direct channeled healing energy to the chakras.  Michele has been working with individuals to support healing for 15 years and has been connected with intuition and guides for as long as she can remember.  She is also a carrier of lightning medicine since being struck by lightning a few years ago.

-       Identify and clear patterns in your energy field that are no longer supporting you.

-       Intuitive Chakra Readings/Assessments

-       Chakra Balancing.

-       Assessment of the subtle energy body and putting words and concepts with what you are experiencing.

-       Cord-cutting, removing energetic attachments, identifying energy leaks, and healing ancestral and past life interferences.

-       Support you in identifying what guides, ancestors, and animal guides are supporting you through your healing journey.

-       Emotional and energetic boundaries.

-       Michele is comfortable providing readings even if you do not know what your question is.  Your energy always knows.



Voices From Heaven

Robert Baca

Robert’s gift of communicating with those loved ones who have crossed over is so extremely strong that he continues to astound both believers and skeptics alike. He has appeared on various radio and television shows throughout the country and he has been featured in several different newspapers and magazines, including internationally Fate Magazine. In addition to the gift of communicating with those loved ones who have crossed over, Robert can foresee and share insight in present and future aspects of a person's life, including: Finances, Career, Relationships, and Spiritual Development.




Light Hearted Connections

with Riya Brown


Cell: 515-231-2972 


I'm an Intuitive Clairvoyant, Medium and Healer who believes in a multi-faith approach, meaning all and any faiths as long as they are based in love and light.

My mission is to bring clarity and guidance for what is showing up in your life right now. I will hold space for you to express freely what's in your heart and mind that needs your light.

Our links of mutual connections and openness will allow for the most valuable, healing and validating messages for you.

I'm open and ready to share my guidance, insights and creative inspirations to help promote a shift within your energy field, intentions and goals in mind.

Practical and Divine-driven. I am committed to helping others grow in Love.



Soul Connections - Brenda Neiburg


Soul Connections - Brenda Neiburg.  I am a naturally gifted Psychic/Medium, Remote Viewer, Empath, and offer Past Life Regression Sessions.  While I can relay all messages through my many modalities, an emphasis on love and forgiveness are at the heart of my readings.  I require no "tools" to help me connect to the spiritual world as some others might, but I do ask that you come with at least one question for your reading. 

 For more information contact me at 402-237-1849.





Mia Hudson

Intuitive Reader

Mia Hudson 515-577-5243


Mia is a third generation psychic transplanted from California. Her interest in the metaphysical has always been a part of her life. She had early exposure to Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Aromatherapy, Auras, Chakras, Spell & Ritual work through her mother and extended family. Mia received her first deck of tarot cards around the age of 10, and thought healing and ritual work was a part of everyone’s daily life.

Mia embraces her psychic talents and strives to help people be the best they can be through readings. Helping people to balance the spiritual and physical worlds is at the heart of her work. Mia has helped hundreds of clients go in a more joyful divine direction. Mia is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor in the Des Moines, Iowa area, with over 16 years’ experience. And it is her greatest desire to ‘Save the world 1 body at a time.’



Claudia Diltz, Owner & Creator of Bio-Energetic Jewelry. Since 2005

Beautiful functional programmed jewelry 

(620) 343-8222

 Claudia has been on a spiritual path since her teen years & has found a way to channel her healing ministry 

into beautiful jewelry that has been programmed with thousands of healing frequencies to help protect you from electro-magnetic pollution

 from cell phones, computers electric appliances and even the dash board of the car.

 They also reduce stress, clear negative cellular memory, improve memory, balance, focus, concentration, intuition,

 and not only protect you from your own negative thoughts and emotions, but those of other’s in your environment.

 Through resistance testing or kinesiology, Claudia can show you exactly what this beautiful jewelry can do for you.



Kelly Two Wolves


 Kelly is a Nationally Renowned Psychic,

 Medium, Spiritual Counselor, and Empath.

 Reading for over 25 yrs , highly accurate, 

clear and direct she doesn't disappoint .




Mysterious Magick
Argos & Amalia 515-447-1001
Argos & Amalia Marinoctis are local Artisans and Practitioners of Old World Witchery. They create Magical Witch Bottles, Spirit Dolls, Potent Herbal Products for Health & Healing and a variety of Magical items to assist you upon your path.
Argos offers Bone Readings. One of the oldest known forms of Divination which will assist in understanding things to come and the connection to the deeper aspects of yourself.
Amalia works with her own Psychic Energy to see your vibrations and through touch can open your understanding to all things past present and future.





Enchanted Mystical Boutique

3621 Ingersoll Ave. Des Moines, Iowa



Anu has been channeling and reading Tarot cards for over 30 years and is the owner of Enchanted Mystical Boutique. Enchanted is Des Moines' newest metaphysical boutique offering classes/workshops that reflect 5th Dimensional energies of the Divine Feminine and locally made magical goods and supplies for Des Moines' spiritual community.

Anu's approach to Tarot is based in the energy of Love, Compassion and Allowance with the intent to assist others in fulfilling their Divine Purpose by channeling the querent's Spirit Guides along with her own, Ascended Masters and Star Family to identify what message is needed and is for the Highest Good of All.




Animal Shaman Karen Craft



Animal communicator/pet psychic Karen Craft offers you a deeper connection with your animal companions. 

Do you wonder what your pets are thinking or are they having behavioral issues? 

Karen can telepathically speak with them. She normally works by telephone using a photo or description of the animals, 

so you don’t need to have your pet with you to get a reading. 

You can also reconnect with animals who have crossed over. 

Karen’s book, The Cosmic Purr, will be available and (new this year) 

“Magnetic Nature,” Karen’s hand-crafted scenic art and fun fish for your refrigerator or magnetic bulletin board.




Organic Hemp Botanicals Store Locations:


 4872 West 119th Street, Leawood Kansas 66209

         Phone:  816-381-6073

(Behind Z Gallerie and Across From The Bravo Patio)


 2003 E Santa Fe, Olathe Kansas 66062

Phone: 913-839-2392

(Corner of Santa Fe and Lindenwood)

Kansas City: 

1215 W 103rd St., Kansas City MO 64114

Phone: 816-997-9006
​(Next to Jaspers)

We also offer the HIGHEST QUALITY HEMP OIL AVAILABLE. 100% Natural-Pure CO2 Extract. It is 100% Organic, Gluten Free, 

Non GMO Hemp and has No Heavy Metals or Insecticides. CBD oil is LEGAL and AVAILABLE in all 50 states. 

No permit or prescription is required. Every adult U.S. citizen can now benefit from the use of CBD oil!



Cynthia Diane’s Tarot



Cynthia has always been a natural empath. She is the youngest of 4 siblings, all girls.

 She has raised two children and is the proud Grandmother of two young boys.

She has always been fascinated with the metaphysical.

And being intuitive, the first time she held a tarot deck, it was a perfect fit.

 She has not wanted to put them down since. It is her favorite tool to receive meaningful guidance through spirit.

Look for Cynthia for readings on “Cynthia Diane’s Tarot” on Facebook.

Come on by Cynthia's booth and get a reading, she is so excited to read for everyone!

Love and Light!




Quantum Touch by Alita



Alita discovered she was an energy healer at the age of 5 and has been an energy healer for over 35 years.

 She became a Reiki Master over 20 years ago. 

She has learned and practices many different alternative-healing modalities over the 35 years

 including but not limited to energy, sound, light healings, and hypnisis. In 2012, 

she discovered Quantum Touch, a modality that was similar to her natural healing style and abilities, 

she became not only a practitoner, she became an instructor so she could articulate and teach her passion ...

 energy healing! Using Quantum Touch, Alita has the ability to align spines energetically with no bone manipulation, 

calm and relax the body, mind and soul and align tailbones with energy and leg movements. 

She can also build a bridge between the head and heart, which is so needed in our world today..., 

and she offers so much more. Alita helps you heal in expected and unexpected ways. Experience the power to heal!





Coriann Westvold 

Nordic Palmistry, Aura Perception, Dream Interpretation, Ministerial Services & Spiritual Counseling.

Coriann has been practicing her intuitive skills here in her home state of Iowa for over a decade.

 “Norse Palmistry is unique in that it doesn’t succumb to the notion of Destiny. Your fate is your own,” she says. 

“My job is to simply help you find it.” Her clients consistently comment on her matter-of-fact accuracy. 

She is incredibly ‘down to earth’ and easy to talk to. Small groups of 2-3 are welcome. Schedule fills quickly.




Intuition By Sarah

Sarah is a psychic medium. She connects to source for each session, intending the highest good of each client. She gets messages from angels, guides and loved ones on the other side, and also uses oracle/angel cards as a guide. Her artistic side assists her in creating healing wands, jewelry & macrame.



Chiropractic in Motion

Dr. Shannon White
4105 Westown Parkway
Ste. 201
West Des Moines, IA 50266

At Chiropractic in Motion we treat everything from headaches, low back pain,

 fibromyalgia, whiplash, & numbness and tingling in the arms and legs.

 We also treat people from all age ranges including newborns to the very elderly.

Stop in sometime for a free consultation.


 Dennis "Doc" Cromwell


" Intuitive as a child, Doc offers intuitive readings which incorporate soul lessons and past life influences to

 give greater insight and depth of understanding of current life issues.

  Doc also offers past life readings as well as oracle card readings. 

 Please have 3 questions ready at the time of your reading.  "



Mystic Forest

Frank Slagle
5441 Hwy 62E
Mountain Home, AR 72653

Known as the Bookman - selling books for over 25 years. Full store in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Books, Tarot cards, drums, tools, sarongs, tapestries, incense, statues, crystals, stones, jewelry, sage,

Native American, mountain T-Shirts, cards, posters, soap, and a lot more.




Phone: (405) 200-5222 

I remember my connection to Spirit began at a young age. When I was 4 or 5 years old, I started to see spirits, angels, and guides, and I communicated with people who made their transitions. Growing up, I fondly recall that I would sit on the floor next to my grandmother while she gazed into the crystal ball and read Tarot cards. Prior to her death, she took my hand in hers and said, “Sissy, I’m giving you all my power!”

As a psychic medium, medical intuitive, spiritual teacher, animal communicator and coach, my purpose is to use these gifts to help you heal yourself and others by communicating with loved ones and pets who have passed over. Working with clients to help them to see the power within for themselves, I utilize my abilities to offer guidance for every day decisions and issues, such as relationships, romance, money, job, family matters and pets. 
I also assist with finding missing people and lost pets.  In addition, I work with the paranormal, and do energy field clearing for people and pets as well as location cleansings for houses, businesses and property.



Toni is an evolved soul that uses her God-given gifts to provide gentle guidance and healing for others.
As a Holistic entrepreneur her love, life, work, and spiritually are NOT separate.
She is a mother and Grandmother who has always believed there was more to life than what we have been told.
She believes in living a life of kindness and peace, not because it is something we are supposed to do, but because it's the right thing to do.
Toni is someone that triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself.
Visit her website at Toni's Tarot
Follow her on Facebook at 
Toni's Tarot


Light Jewels LLC 


Light Jewels is dedicated to presenting beauty from Mark’s hand-crafted inspired jewelry, 

unique silver and stone jewelry, crystals and music, as well as 

Jean’s book Messages from Other Worlds and her past life readings for spiritual growth and awareness



The tumbled Stone and Laser Squared


Reiki by Vicki sells over 100 tumbled stones, Pendulums, Spirit Animals, Angel Cards, singing bowls, sage, and other metaphysical products. 

 Vicki and her staff can personally guide you in your choices, or gladly let you browse.  

Her husband, Brian, creates Crystal Grids, Labyrinths, “upcycles” LPs into clocks or wall art, and does custom work. 

 This is done through their newest product line, Laser Squared.




(formerly Angels at play)

Selling a wide range of Stones, skulls ,Jewelry, crystal and so much more

Healing Hands and More

We believe in the joy of laughter at the Healing Hands and More -stop by to see what brings us such joy.With natural soaps,lotions &essential oils ,you can luxuriate and stimulate your senses. Our jewelry is chosen for fun and flair not to break your budget .We offer quality products at affordable prices .If we wouldn't pay that why should we expect you to? Instead we have done what we do best -shopped for quality products at the best prices .Stop by and share a smile with us .Many Blessings to you .

Natasha Keefer

I am an Acrylic Abstract Artist. I see you aura with my intuitiveness .I create a one of a kind personal work of art canvas sizes are 5x7 or 10x12 .In just 10-30 minutes your art is complete

Shelly Jennings
I have been reading Tarot for 15 years ,but I have beenintuitive all my life .I give readings with loving spirit and will answer your questions honestly and with loving care I am a Reki Master and embrace the Metaphysical World .




Devonna Gilpatrick

(405) 677-2557

 I use the Tarot much as I would use a paint brush to paint a picture of the clients future challenges and crossroads that

 they may be facing thus enabling them to make an informed decision on how to proceed with their lives.

I have been psychic since the age of 6 and at that time and age I thought every child had their on group of Angles that they played and hung out with.

Some 42 years ago I stopped at a bookstore one day and picked up a Tarot deck went home and the first time

 I laid the cards out they spoke to me and proceeded to tell me the story of my life and at that point I was hooked




The Holistic Warrior


Thomas J. Nolan III, PhD 

4235 Brookview

Norman, OK 73072

405 360-2250


What Can The Holistic Warrior Help Me?

Show you actions you can take that will put you in control of your life!

Identify and break patterns that are not in your best interest!

Find and maintain that special relationship!

Obtain peace of mind that you can maintain under most conditions!

Create a wealthy state of mind that will attract wealth to you!


How Does The Holistic Warrior Help Me?

Each reading is designed to help you: 1) identify patterns of sabotage; 2) demonstrate methods that will help you resolve these problems; and 3) build connections with yourself, God, and others.  As a result, you will be able to create a life that is self-sufficient, not co-dependent, and develop spiritually.


What is the Holistic Warrior’s Background?

My educational background includes a Ph.D. in Ecological Psychology, an MS in Chemistry, and a Trainer’s Certification in Behavior Modification.  I have also studied with several schools, including the Rosicrucians, the School of Metaphysics , and The Gurdjieffian Movement.




Cecelia's Business Card (4) 10-17-08


CKY Designs: Cecelia K Yoder 

I am a designer with a focus on creating necklaces, earrings, brooches and beaded art objects. 

I search for the most beautiful, unusual, rare, high quality materials available.

 My pieces are one of a kind and take inspiration from a variety of styles and cultural influences. 




I have been doing Tarot Card Readings for 19 years. I have helped many people find the answers that they have been looking for. If you need help discovering which path to take next or to find clarity in your relationship(s), your job or in your life in general, let me help you. We get lost in our own minds, our own lives, our losses and we need help to clear the 'fog'.  I am Empathic, Intuitive and Clairvoyant. I do not consult negative energy or spirits. 
      15 minutes Readings ~ $25 




Denise Vazquez, 

515-280-WISH(9474), or 515-770-1615.


Denise Vazquez is a psychic intuitive adviser.  She works out of her Des Moines home doing readings by appointment, 

either in her home, over the phone, or via email.  She enjoys going out to work parties, 

whether they be small home parties or big events (like Drake kick offs or Terrace Hill balls). 

 Gifted since childhood with the ability to see (clairvoyance), she has, over the past 30 years, 

developed her other abilities (claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience) of knowing, feeling and hearing. 

 She gives public lectures and teaches classes to help others develop their abilities.

  Denise is a medium, an empath, a teacher, a healing touch practitioner, and licensed Theta Healer. 

She does palmistry, numerology, and past life regression, as well.  All her readings are guided by her angels and guides




Soul Touched By Robin

Robin is a psychic intuitive healer who inspires you to live your dreams.  She works in the New Energy and is trained in Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, and the Akashic Records.  Robin has been providing readings and guidance to others since she was a teenager.  Recently, she began traveling the country to share this love and inspiration.  Robin will provide you with an intuitive reading to answer your questions, heal, inspire, and guide you with Love on your path. 


Savy Chhith


“Old Techniques. New Antiques




 Mia Countryman 

Mia Countryman is an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator who is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

She does private sessions and facilitates classes for others to be Bars Practitioners.  

To learn more about Access Bars and what a session could do for you check out

What gift could Access Bars be in your life?





Cheryl Carrigan

        Psychic/Medium,  Angel Messenger 


Cheryl is an incredible Psychic / Medium, Inspirational Mentor, Happiness Guru and Author for over 25 years she has inspired people to truly live happy. She support people to be brave enough to go inside and find that little spark that is just waiting for the breath of air to ignite it…. and when they do their whole life unfolds! If your looking for some guidance and clarity in your life than allow Cheryl and her Amazing team of Angels to bring that to you. Cheryl’s gifts are truly amazing she has the ability to see things, and deliver such beautiful messages from spirit that your heart will feel full!


Cheryl will be traveling to our expo with her whole Angel team which includes her Amazing Angel Jewerly, Angel Statues and her beautiful Angles Blessings all of which are infused with the energy of the Archangels ... This is a booth that you will feel the Divine love of the Angels! 


There are many ways to work with Cheryl ...check out her amazing website at or contact her directly at your life will never be the same! ♥️ Cheryl loves to hear from people, share what is happening in your life and to see how she can support you.She has a beautiful Angel Membership group where the Angels come and leave daily messages for its members .... Ask for details! 😇💙🙏

Essential Essence for a Healthy You

Tina Smith and Erin Essy

515-710-6137 or 515-210-4871  or


The next time you drive by a field of fresh peppermint or hike through a pine forest, breathe deeply—you’re experiencing the soul-soothing power of essential oils. But essential oils are more than nice scents; these powerful plant extracts are your path to the lifelong wellness we are committed to helping you discover.

Young Living formulates targeted, essential oil-based wellness solutions that empower you to dodge harmful chemicals, energize your life, ditch stress and negativity, and reclaim your natural radiance. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their health, cosmetic, and emotionally uplifting properties.  Primarily extracted through careful steam distillation, but also through cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful and effective than dry herbs, delivering quick and effective results. Any time you hold a bottle of our powerful essential oils, you are holding the pure essence of health-promoting botanicals that can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, incorporated into massage, or taken internally.

We will also have the Zyto Scan available.  This measures the bio-markers in your body through your palm.  At the end of the scan it will tell you what essential oils your body needs at that moment to balance all of the systems in your body.  





LuGene Isleman,

 CNHP, Reflexologist and IN.FORM Health Coach


Absolute Body Cleanse and Detox

6601 University Avenue, Suite 103
Windsor Heights, IA 50324


LuGene has been in the natural, holistic health and wellness field for over 8 years. She focuses on rebalancing the body through body detoxing with ion cleanse footbaths, reflexology, all natural, herbal supplements, pure essential oils, healing magnets, and diet and nutrition. LuGene is a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), Reflexologist and Certified IN.FORM Health Coach.

At the Iowa Metaphysical Fair LuGene will be doing Biofeedback Health Assessments, have natural herbal and essential oil products, as well as healing magnets.




Crystal Joy 

Facebook page at 


Crystal Joy actively seeks out high energy stones for you. We personally select our stones at various shows and bring them to you. 

We also help match stones to you. We carry crystals in all forms – rough, polished, carved and wands.

 We will also help you fulfill special requests. 





Sacred Designs By Spirit

Shimen Averhoff

33391 290th St., Shell Rock, Iowa 50670


Facebook- Sacred Designs by Spirit


Shimen is a holistic practitioner for over 16 years. She has been trained as a Reiki Master, 

Certified Crystal Healer, Advance Theta and Shamanic teachings.


She will be offering Crystals, custom gemstone jewelry, 


Tarot/oracle cards, herbs, healing sessions and Aura Photos. Available for private sessions.




 Peruvian artisan


My husband is a Peruvian artisan specializing in wire wrap pieces.  His style is rooted in traditional Andean techniques, but is constantly changing and improving.  He uses beautiful pieces of semi precious natural stones coming mostly from South America and India.  He has some beautiful labradorite and moonstone right now.  

In addition to his pieces, we will be featuring 3 or 4 other Peruvian jewelry artists.  There will be more metal pieces, some beautiful macrame, and feathers and teeth from the Amazon.  I am most excited about the Shapibo fabrics, though.  I've attached some images and a link if you're not familiar with the work.  
"The Shipibo are one of 14 indigenous tribes living in the Amazon Basin in Peru. They are a shamanically based people, deeply influenced by the power of the plants, animals and natural elements. A unique aspect of the Shipibo culture is their woven song tradition. The Shipibo record their icaros or healing songs in elaborate geometrical designs that function like a musical score and correlate and interact with the natural world. They see the patterns in the natural world and are able to reproduce them for protection, healing, abundance, harmony and a variety of other purposes."


Valerie Webner
319 640 5879 (call or text)

Valerie Webner was born with “it,” an awakened ability to experience realms beyond our perceived reality.

In 1995, Valerie submerged herself into her true path as an Intuitive, Healer and Teacher. She holds licenses/certifications in Massage Therapy (Shiatsu), Healing Touch, Medical Intuition, plus a Usui Reiki Master. Valerie has an unique relationship with plants, animals, essential oils, homeopathy and the energetic realm. Additional tools she utilizes are lithomancy, Tarot and astrology.

All sessions are aligned with
Spirit and interpreted using Valerie’s vast training, education, formulas and techniques. The results are phenomenal!

Valerie's mission is to empower people by awakening their tools and activating them with compassion so that all life choices are authentic and based in the truth of the heart.

Join her at the Iowa Metaphysical Fair for an intuitive Tarot reading! Check out her hand crafted potions, oils and creams, plus Magick on the Go spell packs




•  The Operator  • 

Spirit Empath 


$30 for first 15 min  •  $10 for each additional 5 min 

You pay only for trance time.  No charge for discussion beforehand. 


The Operator calls anyone, dead or alive!  

Ever since a powerful energy moved through her body five years ago, The Operator facilitates your conversations with people who are not in the room.  

The Operator calls those who have died, as well as estranged spouses, parents with dementia, children with autism, inscrutable co-workers, lost friends, difficult teenagers, ill pets, former sweethearts, and historical figures, on any topic that matters to you.  
Even close relationships gain clarity. 


•  Prepare for Your Reading  • 

Do's and Don't's


•  Call someone who cares about you.  If you're calling a historical figure, it must be someone who's interested in you for some reason. For example, you may be continuing their work,  

or you may be writing a book about them, or perhaps you're their descendant. The easiest person to call is someone you've spoken to before, even if it was only in your mind. 


•  Ask about something that matters.  The Operator receives and transmits emotions.  

Without emotions, there's no reading. Any topic is okay, if you feel something about it. 


•  Ask for clarification if what you hear is unclear.  It's okay to interrupt. 


•  Tell others about your experience.  Please refer anyone who would like a reading. 




•  Don't ask for detailed descriptions of the afterlife.  These are hard to put into words and eat up your time.  


•  Don't request proof that your loved one lives on.  Some mediums train themselves to provide evidence of life after death. These people are called "evidentiary" mediums.  

The Operator is not an evidentiary medium. If you don't believe your loved one lives on, please don't call them. 


•  Don't withhold information to test The Operator's ability to produce details.   

The Operator is an empath, meaning she receives emotional information. The more she understands about the situation, the better she can interpret what she feels.  


•  Don't use anything The Operator says as a replacement for  

professional medical, legal, or financial advice. 


Wonderland Apothecary


at Groovy Goods


  • (515) 274-2799
  • 2300 University Ave in Des Moines, IA





    Supporting the Metaphysical, Pagan & Wiccan communities with a full selection of medicinal herbs, divination tools, books, jewelry, stones &


     specimens.  Offering Tarot Readings & Astrological Charts with local Pagan Community Members.  We also host a free evening of hand


    drumming the last Sunday of every month.


    A store within a store, Wonderland Apothecary is located inside Groovy Goods, the largest shop in Central Iowa with “everything for the


    hippie at heart!”.  Two floors of affordable clothing for the entire family, incense, home décor, gifts and hippie lifestyle accessories.


    Open seven days a week, Wonderland Apothecary at Groovy Goods is family- and pet-friendly. Conveniently located on University just 2


    blocks east of Drake in Des Moines with plenty of free parking.  Open Monday – Saturday 10AM-7PM, Sunday 11AM-6PM.  Follow us on


    Facebook @GroovyGoodsStore to get all the latest news.


    All Existing Readers / Healers

    That add a New Service /Modality or if you have not worked the fair for 2 years

      need to be tested by 3 people set up by the IMF board


    As a matter of policy The Iowa Metaphysical Fair does not endorse any Reader/Healer or vender. 

    The only way to insure that we have tested the Reader/Healer is to look on our vender page on our website to see if they are listed there. 

    It has been brought to our attention that people are getting recommendations for people stating that they are

     from the Iowa Metaphysical Fair Screening Committee no such committee exists.

    So if they are not listed on our vender page of our website we don’t know them.  


    The IMF Board  


    This list is not complete there will be more vendors at fair if you are a vendor please send a bio exactly how you want it and send to the Webmaster it will be added. 


    All advice from a Reader / Healer is of a general nature and is not to be substituted for a qualified professional. ((An Attorney, Doctor, Therapists, Financial Adviser.))

    Any sessions you  Have At the Iowa Metaphysical Fair not intended to diagnose, treat, alleviate, cure, or prevent any medical, psychological,

     or nutritional condition, disease, or disorder.  OUR Readers /Healers  are not a substitute for effective standard medical treatment. 

     You are advised to continue ongoing medical treatment and therapies until otherwise advised by your physician or medical practitioner.


    IMF Assumes no liability for vendors bio content. We copy and paste all vendor bios The vendors assumes all liability for website bios contents and pictures .

     It is the policy of IMF that the venders have all permissions for all artwork and content of there bio and assumes all liability for Bio content.